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Insurance News & Guides, which, in cooperation with 14 leading insurance partners, provides car owners in Thailand a hassle-free way of selecting and purchasing their car insurance ... Learn more >>

Price comparison websites are a significant part of the financial landscape in the UK. Nicky Burridge asks whether Asia will look the same in the future. Price comparison websites have become such a significant part of the financial landscape in the UK, it is hard to imagine buying insurance without them. But in China and South East Asia the concept is still very much in its infancy. Learn more >>

Car insurance is mandated by law. Besides compulsory insurance, the insured can opt for additional coverage that insurance companies offer. The coverage terms and conditions of voluntary insurance are divided into three main categories as follows ... See the covered types >>

Normally, when buying car insurance, the things influencing your decision are pre-sales and service. Apart from these, you should consider other factors, such as after-sales service, claims or provide services in case of accidents and network of repair garages ... Learn more >>